Treat your car to a regular oil change

Why an oil change should be part of your care care routine

Your car needs an oil change when you have your car serviced. Ideally annually but if you car has a low mileage you could go a bit longer.

Clean oil is crucial to the smooth and efficient running of your engine. Engine oil performs the vital task of lubricating the many moving parts in your engine. It needs to function at all temperatures and in all driving conditions.

You can check the oil in your car to make sure there is enough in the oil resevoir. But it’s also important to regularly change the oil to make sure any residue or particulate matter is removed as this could damage your engine.

Why you should regularly treat your car to an oil change

1. Smooth running whatever the weather

Oil protects your engine in all weathers. Whether it’s freezing outside or the height of summer and 30 or 40C outside, the oil in your engine needs to be clean.

The temperature inside your engine can drop as low as -10C on a cold frosty morning before it gets started.

No matter how cold it is outside the car, the internal engine temperature will rise very quickly once the engine starts running. Within 5 or so minutes of the engine being started, the temperature can rise to 500 or 600C at its hottest point.

The oil needs to be in tiptop condition to be able to cope with this sort of temperature range.

2. Prevent your engine from seizing up

Oil lubricates the many moving parts in your engine. You’re not the only thing moving fast when you’re tearing down the motorway at 70 mph. Your engine can be turning at up to 5,000 revolutions per minute.

All these moving parts of your engine need to be able to move smoothly and at speed. Clean oil helps it do this.

Old oil or insufficient oil can at best dramatically reduce the efficiency of your engine and at worst cause damage as metal grinds against metal.

If not dealt with, this can cause your engine to seize and you definitely don’t want this to happen on the motorway.

3. Protect your turbo charger

For those who take part in the traffic light dash, your turbo needs that clean oil to work properly.

This week we’ve had two cars in with siezed turbo chargers. The reason for this was old oil which blocked the feed pipe to the turbo charger. This caused it to run unlubricated.

It was clear that both vehicles hadn’t their oil changed in many years. The cost to repair the seized turbo chargers in this state was in excess of £1,000. The cost of the parts for a new turbo charger alone are astronomically expensive.

A simple, and cheap oil change could have saved a lot of money.

Book your car in for an oil change

In short, there are really no conditions where clean oil in your engine isn’t crucial.

If you think that your car needs an oil change then we can help. If you’re unsure whether your car needs an oil change, we can check this for you and also recommend the best oil for your vehicle.

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