Clutch Specialists

I think there’s a problem with my car’s clutch. Might it be slipping?

Symptoms of a Slipping Clutch

Symptoms of an issue with your car’s clutch might be:

  • Does your car lack performance?
  • Is it difficult to change gear?
  • Is there a judder when you release the clutch when moving off?
  • Does your engine rev high but the car doesn’t speed up much when you accelerate?
  • Is there a burning smell when you accelerate?

If any of these sound like your vehicle, you might well have an issue with the clutch on your car.

What Should I Do?

We are clutch specialists with many years experience diagnosing and fixing clutch issues.

Call today on 0116 319 0118 to book in your car or pop down for a free clutch assessment. Our skilled mechanics, Justin and Dave, will be happy to take a look for you.