Car Batteries and Battery Testing

What Does The Car Battery Do?

The battery is what gets your car going first thing in the morning. If it is low in power then your car may not start.

The condition of your battery is especially important in the winter. We make shorter journeys and use the heating and headlights more regularly. All of which put a strain on the battery’s resources.

As well as simply kick-starting the ignition, modern cars have more and more electronic components which all pull power from your car’s battery. These include:

  • Stop / start button
  • Lights
  • Electric power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Heated screens
  • Heated seats
  • Park assist

All these lovely features put a drain on the car’s electrical system. The battery’s ability to hold or retain its charge is crucial to many of these modern car comforts.

With all of these features, modern car batteries need to be much more powerful than those for older car makes and models. As such a battery for a modern car is often much more expensive than people expect. We do our best to get you the best possible deal from our many suppliers.

What We Offer

We can offer a battery condition check for a small fee. This battery condition check makes sure the voltage and storage capacity of your car’s battery is sufficient for reliable motoring.