Vehicle Suspension

What Does A Car’s Suspension Do?

You car’s suspension is a very important element of the vehicle for safety as well as comfort. Suspension is what keeps the car in contact with the road. Worn components can impact the car’s handling and road holding.

The car’s suspension consists of many components. These include:

  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Anti-roll bars
  • Track rods
  • Wishbones

Uneven road surfaces take their toll on a car’s suspension. Whether you’re driving over speed humps, navigating potholes or regularly on a bumpy surface, then regular checks are essential.

What Are The Signs Of Worn Suspension?

  • Do you hear banging or clonking sounds from underneath the car when you’re driving?
  • Does the car feel like it’s bouncing along?
  • Does the steering feel vague or unresponsive? Particularly at speed.

If any of these sound like your vehicle, then it’s probably time to get the suspension checked by a professional.

What We Offer

Your car’s suspension will be thoroughly checked as part of a full service at VFR Motor Services.

If you’re not booked in for a service but hear any odd banging or clonking from underneath your vehicle, we can offer a 10 minute suspension check to give you peace of mind.

We never do remedial work to a vehicle without giving you the choice. If any faults are found with any aspect of your car’s suspension, we will give you a quote and advice about the work required.