Duckhams Classic Motor Oil at VFR Motor Services, Leicester

Duckhams Classic Oils

The Engine’s Choice is Back!

We are thrilled to announce that we are now stocking the Duckhams Classic Oils range.

Duckhams was originally founded by chemist and businessman Alexander Duckham way back in 1899. The distinctive green lubricant range was the brand leader for many years, but has been away from the market for over a decade.

Duckhams have recently relaunched their much-loved classic oils. Here at VFR Motor Services Ltd we are proud to be their East Midlands stockists.

We can now offer “the engine’s choice” of lubricant off the shelf from our Shaftesbury Road garage.

Duckams 20-50 Classic Motor Oil

Duckhams Classic Motor Oil at VFR Motor Services, Leicester
Prices shown here include VAT.

The 20-50 classic motor oil is Duckhams signature lubricant. It is the perfect choice for your 1940’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s classic car.

The original 20-50 was the go-to choice for many motorist in that period. The Duckahms product was especially distinctive due to its unusual green colour.

As well as the 20-50, we also have several other classic motor oil products from the range:

Duckhams Classic Oils: 1 Gallon Tin

  • Duckhams Classic Q20W-50
  • Duckhams Classic Q10W-40
  • Duckhams Classic SAE 30
  • Duckhams Classic SAE 40

Duckhams Classic Oils: 1 Litre Tin

  • Duckhams Classic Q20W-50
  • Duckhams Classic GEAR OIL 90Z
  • Duckhams Classic HYPOID 80W-90
  • Duckhams Classic HYPOID 85W-140

Classic Vehicle Service and Repair

David Hands in his classic car happy place
David Hands in his classic car happy place, under a Mini!

To complement the new product range, we also offer comprehensive classic vehicle service and repair.

Our knowledgeable motor engineers are well-versed in the ways of points, condensors, and dwell angles. We also have the correct AF/Whitworth imperial tools to do a proper job.

Please give us a call, or drop in for a chat with our enthusiastic classic car specialist, David Hands.

David loves repairing classic vehicles and is passionate about all types of classic cars. He will be delighted to discuss your needs.

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