E10 Unleaded Petrol UK

E10 Unleaded Petrol is Coming Soon

What is E10 Unleaded Petrol?

Fuel pumps around the UK will soon be serving the new E10 unleaded petrol. E10 is standard unleaded petrol mixed with up to 10% ethanol alcohol.

This change is for environmental reasons. Ethanol is classed as a renewable fuel because it is mostly made from plant material.

Switching to renewable fuel sources will play a part in helping the UK government reach its environmental energy targets by 2020.

Will E10 Impact the Way my Car Runs?

If you have a newer car, you’re all good. Pretty much all modern cars will run without any problems using E10 unleaded fuel.

However, older and classic cars could be adversely affected.

Why? Because chemistry! Ethanol is hydroscopic which means it absorbs water, this can then separate and form a residue.

What’s more, the ethanol in E10 can act as a solvent. This may loosen deposits in the fuel system causing fuel pump, hose filter, and fuel injector / carburettor blockages in older engines. It is also corrosive to some types of seals in older engines which could cause fuel leaks.

So what can you do to use the new E10 fuel and keep your older or classic car running smoothly?

Replace Engine Hoses and Seals

These engine issues are not insurmountable. Some hoses and seals in your older vehicle can be replaced for parts which are compatible with using the new E10 fuel.

If you’re keen to get your car ready for the new environmentally friendly E10 unleaded, we are happy to help and advise. Please get in touch via the contact form or give us a call on either of these numbers: 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911 to have a chat about how we can keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

Use A Fuel Additive

Classic car owners will already be familiar with lead replacements additives for their leaded fuel engines. Most manufacturers of these fuel additives are incorporating ethanol inhibitors into their products to get ready for the E10 fuel.

We are stocking Duckhams Classic Fuel Treatment in our Leicester garage. Their classic fuel treatment has the lead replacement plus the ethanol inhibitor to allow your leaded fuel engine to use the E10 unleaded petrol.

This fuel additive expands our range of Duckhams classic car products.

Will I Still Be Able to Buy The Current E5 Unleaded Petrol?

After the full transition to E10, larger petrol stations will be encouraged to maintain one pump which will continue to serve the existing E5 unleaded petrol. A timescale for this hasn’t yet been announced. But we will keep our ears out for any information to share.

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