Morris Minor 1971 - a beauty in burgundy

Classic Car Spotlight: Morris Minor 1971

My Morris Minor

Morris Minor 1971 - Justin in the workshop

This post is all about my 1971 Morris Minor. It kicks off a series of articles on some of the gorgeous vintage cars that come through our workshop.

I have always liked the Minor since I learnt to drive in the Minor Van we had at our Butchers shop in 1970.

About The Car

Morris Minor 1971 - stunning classic car restoration

I bought the Minor 3 years ago from a customer at the garage. He was only the second owner of the car from new. Quite an amazing feat considering the vehicle was built in 1971.

The customer had bought the Morris from his neighbour who had converted her front dining room into a garage for it. Complete with radiator! We always recommend taking really good care of your car. Although letting it move it might not suit everybody.

The Morris was a regular visitor to the VFR Motors workshop over the years. The customer had been bringing it to us for its annual MOT for quite some time. It was in amazing mechanical condition. Not least because the only mileage it was doing was to the garage and home again us each year.

Even now it doesn’t like to wander too far. In fact, it never leaves LE3.

Looking after Moggy

The Morris Minor is a 1971 car which was the last year they were made. My Moggy was in very good condition when I bought it. It was mechanically excellent, although the front wings were were starting to bubble a little with rust and rot.

This year I decided to bite the the bullet and fit two new wings and respray the car. I also treated it to a brand new carpet set.

She is now in tip top shape and almost as good as new. Whenever Nina and I go out for drives we get lots of waves and smiles.

What the VFR Mechanics Think

Morris Minor 1971 - David our mechanic hard at work

Our skilled mechanics, Justin and David, both like working on the Morris. David in particular loves a classic vintage car and has a real soft spot for the moggy.

It goes without saying that it’s a beautiful-looking car, but it also keeps the guys up to date with the old skills required when working with older cars.

Morris Minor Restoration Gallery

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