Mini turns 60 - classic Minis on the track

Mini Turns 60

2019 is the Year the Iconic Mini Turns 60

The Mini was the small car which revolutionised the British car market and this year the perennial Mini turns 60.

The Mini introduced many design innovations which transformed the small car market. The development of the Mini’s innovative design is credited to Alec Issigonis. Before the Mini, Alec Issigonis also designed the much loved Morris Minor. After the Mini, he incorporated the new developments into his designs for the Austin / Morris 1100 and 1800 models.

One of the most notable design innovations was a switch to front wheel drive. Front wheel drive allowed the designers to move the entire engine to the front of the vehicle and remove the bulky prop shaft out of the centre of the car. This allowed a small car like the Mini to have a much roomier interior compared to other small cars of the time. Front wheel drive is now the norm for most small cars.

The first Mini also featured a revolutionary rubber cone suspension system rather than the more traditional metal spring construction. The compact suspension design was developed by Alex Moulton. This new type of suspension was another huge space-saver removing large metal springs from the car’s design.

Mini Clubs and Events

Mini owners love a party and there are a number of clubs which get together around the Leicester, and Midlands area.

We list a selection of Mini-related events on the VFR Motors site, but you’ll find loads more out on the wild web.

Maintaining your Mini

Original Minis are clearly getting on, especially if your Mini turns 60 this year! But that doesn’t mean they’re hard to maintain. There are a few very simple tasks that will keep your Mini healthy.

Regular inspection of the underbody is essential to look for signs of corrosion. A regular hose wash under the car can keep the worst of the corrosion at bay. Pay particular attention to the front and rear wheel arches, where debris can collect and hold moisture against the body work.

For extra protection against rust, we can apply an underbody wax treatment for your Mini. Book your car in for the original Mini spa!

Because the Mini gearbox is integral to the engine (another Mini design innovation), it is lubricated by the engine oil. Therefore regular engine oil changes are essential for the longevity of the gearbox. You can’t overdo this. Keep the oil fresh for a really happy Mini engine.

Finally, pay close attention to all greasing points, particularly the rear subframe and suspension mounting. This will stave of premature wear and tear.

Mini Servicing and Repair

We do quite a bit of work on Minis here at VFR Motor Services and our motor engineers are experienced to undertake any servicing or mechanical repairs to your car. From the vintage models to the modern Mini; whatever the age, your vehicle will receive the best care.

Recent works we’ve undertaken on Minis include:

  • Recommissioning after a long lay up
  • Fitting a new steering rack
  • A complete brake rebuild
  • Clutch master and slave cylinder replacement
  • Engine tune up

Mini Gallery

Our mate Merv of MJ Motor Spares is huge into his Minis so he’s kindly given us permission to share some of his photos with you. Enjoy!

Picture credit: Merv Jones of MJ Motor Spares

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