1973 VW Campervan in for repairs at our Leicester garage

Leicester Classic VW Campervan Repair

Volkswagen Campervan Repair in our Leicester Garage

Our experienced motor engineers love a classic vehicle challenge and were delighted when we had not one, but two, classic VW Campervan repair jobs in our Leicester garage. One came in for a whole new engine, the second needed a good tune up… and the ability to use reverse gear.

1978 VW Campervan Engine Replacement

We’ve looked after this stunning 1978 cream VW Campervan for some time now. This vdub van originally came to us for an engine replacement.

Around 4 years ago, the owner wanted the original engine swapped for some Porsche power. Our motor engineers were more than happy to take the job on. A Porsche engine will never transform a vdub into a sports car, but it definitely made it more driveable.

The owner also wanted additional tweaks to continually improve his beloved VW. Since the engine upgrade we have:

  • Upgraded the engine control unit (ECU) to improve the efficiency of the engine.
  • Exchanged the original air-mass meter for a Porsche engine compatible air-mass meter.
  • This linked to an uprated fuel pump to handle the new fuel injected engine.

We’ve also completed various rewiring jobs in the engine bay to complete the integration of the new engine and related upgrades.

Once the new engine was in, Dave was absolutely in his element when it came to a full tune up up. Fully tooled up with a timing light and dwell meter, and fuel injection calibration he got properly stuck in.

We love a classic vehicle repair at VFR Motors so we have all the old-fashioned tools to hand to tune up and repair classic cars and campervans.

The VW Campervan is now returned to its very happy owner who is now contemplating the next set of improvements: a full brake upgrade.

1973 VW Campervan Repair

We’ve also had another VW Campervan come in recently via recommendation from an existing customer. The owner of this classic green Campervan had recently purchased the 1973 vdub van but it was running very poorly. Unreliable starting and little power to the engine when driving.

What’s more the gearbox simply wouldn’t engage in reverse!

So they rolled it backwards of their driveway and drove it, slowly, to our Leicester garage.

David was able to retune the engine, set the timing, and dwell angles, adjust the carburettor, to bring the engine back to normal efficient running. He also modified the gear-linkage to repair the reverse gear and get it fully functioning.

Since David’s sterling work, the happy Campervan has carried its proud owner up to Highlands of Scotland and back without any trouble.

Classic Vehicle Repairs at our Leicester Garage

Our knowledgeable motor engineers are well-versed in the ways of points, condensors, and dwell angles. We also have the correct AF/Whitworth imperial tools to do a proper job on your beloved VW Campervan.

Please give us a call on 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911, get in touch via our contact form, or drop in for a chat at our friendly garage at on Shaftsbury Road, Leicester, LE3 0QN.

Our enthusiastic classic car specialist, David loves repairing classic vehicles and is passionate about all types of classic cars. He will be delighted to discuss your needs.

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