Mini Metro 1.4 Rover GSI

A Modern Classic: The Mini Metro 1.4 Rover 114 GSI

My Classic Mini Metro

Today I want to tell you all about my 1998 Mini Metro 1.4 Rover 114 GSI. It’s a 22 year old motor with 22K miles on the clock, and it looks like new!

I’d actually been on the look out for a classic Mini originally. Ideally one of the 80s – 90s vintage of Mini. A “proper” classic mini as opposed to the new Mini.

It was while I was scanning the classic motor auctions for Mark V, VI or VII Mini that this shiny red Metro jumped out of the listings.

It had 0ne owner from new. Had never missed an annual service. And a very very low mileage. How could I resist?

I bought the Mini Metro from Mathewson’s auctions in Pickering around 2 years ago. Mathewson’s is a proper family business run out of an old fashioned garage. They are great people and an absolute pleasure to do business with.

What’s more, they’re now quite famous for their Bangers and Cash programme on UK TV. Well worth a watch!

Mini Metro Gallery

A Modern Classic

The Mini Metro has been a great little car and I have no regrets at all about the purchase. It’s an absolute hoot to drive. It drives like very much like a classic Mini. The Metro has a similar suspension, the handling is comparable, and the 1.4 litre engine means it’s really quick off the mark. And because it’s been so well looked after, it’s almost like driving a brand new car.

I certainly can see exactly why it was Britain’s best selling car for 3 years running in the early 80s. But sadly, when did you last see one on the road? Such a shame.

Having done a longish journey to the British Motor Museum in Gaydon for the Mini and Metro Motor Show, I can vouch for it being a perfectly comfortable ride too. Surprisingly, I was about the youngest Metro owner there. This car seems to really appeal to the younger classic motor enthusiast.

This is a great entry level to the classic car world and could be for sale for the right price. Unlike some more vintage classics, the Metro is very cheap to run, easy to maintain, and spare parts are readily available.

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