Don't try turning up the radio to fix strange car noises

Turning up the radio won’t fix your strange car noises

Help! My car is making a strange sound

Have you noticed any strange sounds or odd noises when you drive your car? An ominous grinding, knocking, or squeaking sound could mean there’s a problem.

Don’t turn the radio up and ignore it! Dealing with car issues can seem a huge inconvenience in our busy lives, so why not deal with it now while you’re a bit less busy? Now is a great time to fix your car and deal with any strange car sounds you’ve been worrying about.

Whether it’s a pre-exising noise that was already happening before we all stopped driving quite so much. Or a new sound that your vehicle has developed over the last few weeks on your weekly trip to the supermarket. We can help. VFR Motor Servcies is still open for car repair and maintenance work during lockdown. Hours are reduced, so please call ahead to make an appointment.

9 common strange car noises that mean your car needs repairing

Here are 9 common sounds that could indicate some sort of problem with your car:

1. Jingling

A jingling sound might be the anti-roll bar link or it could be a loose component that’s started to rattle around and needs fixing back down.

2. Grating

A nasty grating noise when you apply the brakes will probably be a sign of the brake pads needing to be replaced.

3. Clicking

A clicking sound when you turn sharply, more or less on full lock, could be CV (Constant Velocity) Joint issue.

4. Rumbling

A rumbling noise or something that sounds like you’re being followed by an aeroplane could be a failing wheel bearing.

5. High-pitched squeaking

A high-pitched squeak when you start the engine could be an issue with a loose fan belt, auxiliary belt, or low power in the battery.

6. Engine racing unexpectedly

If the engine start racing unexpectedly when you’re driving normally there’s a chance this could be an issue with the clutch.

7. Loud “sporty” exhaust

If the car starts to sound a bit more sporty than it has previously, there may be a hole in the exhaust.

8. Knocking from the floor

A knocking sound from the floor could be an issue your shock absorber.

8. Knocking from the engine

A knocking sound from the engine is about as bad as it gets and you’ve probably get a warning light as well. This could be the end of the road for this vehicle.

Free noise diagnosis at VFR Motors

Anything at all you’re not happy with about the sound of your car, we are happy to have a listen to. Please do call ahead to make an appointment so that we can book you in for a free diagnostic on the vehicle.

Car repair, servicing and MOTs in lockdown

We are open for car repair, servicing and MOTs but with reduced hours. Our parts supply chain continues to be reliable even in lockdown. We’re getting everything we need from our suppliers in good time.

If your car is due for it’s regular service or MOT, we can book you in while you’re not using it quite as much as usual.

To keep everyone safe while we’re in COVID-19 lockdown, please call us or email first so that we know you are coming or make an appointment. We’re running reduced hours so a quick call is best.

You can get in touch via the contact form or give us a call on either of these numbers: 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911.

Here’s our our Leicester garage on Google Maps if you don’t already know where we are.

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