VFR Motors Currently Still Open For Car Repairs In Lockdown

VFR Motors Garage Still Open For Car Repairs In Lockdown

We Are Currently Still Open For Car Repairs In Lockdown

If your car needs repairing, we can help. We are currently still open to perform essential car repairs in lockdown while you need us. We will also pick up and drop off your vehicle if you are unable to come to us for whatever reason. Hours are reduced, so please call or email so we can make arrangements to suit your needs.

With the current lockdown many of us still need to use our cars especially health professionals, key workers, and the general public needing to get to the supermarket. On the other hand, more vulnerable people might not be using their cars at all. Either way, there are a lot more cars sitting in driveways and this can cause car maintenance problems.

If you are not using your car regularly, you might find it develops little niggles and problems. Not to mention battery issues. Especially older vehicles, classic cars, and vintage models. It’s almost like winter has come early for these cars.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Battery Charged

Car batteries tend to lose their charge if left idle for long periods. To keep your battery ticking over, you could take your car for a short spin around the block. Just a mile once a week would really help maintain the charge.

However, please do keep in mind the national rules about not making unnecessary journeys. Ideally you’d incorporate this into your supermarket journey or some other essential trip.

If you find your car battery is flat, we can come out to jump start your car. This is a very simple process to get your car up and running again. You’ll need to take it for a drive straight afterwards to avoid the battery losing its spark, so bear this in mind when you make an appointment. Please give us a call or an email to arrange a time.

Car Repairs, Motor Maintenance, and MOTs

We are still working on all car repairs, motor maintenance, and MOTs during the lockdown.

If your MOT was due before the official COVID-19 lockdown date of 29 March 2020, you are generally not eligible for the 6 months grace on MOTs. There are some exceptions to this rule and you can find out more on the Gov.uk website.

We can pick up your car if you’re unable to come down with the vehicle yourself for whatever reason. We’ve had people who are working in essential services, and others who are supporting the community with deliveries and can’t bring the vehicle themselves. Again, please call or email and we can make arrangements.

Please Ring or Email Before You Come

To keep everyone safe while we’re in COVID-19 lockdown, please call us or email first so that we know you are coming or make an appointment. We’re running reduced hours so a quick call is best.

You can get in touch via the contact form or give us a call on either of these numbers: 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911.

Here’s our our Leicester garage on Google Maps if you don’t already know where we are.

And on a final note to our all customers, we miss you and hope you are safe and well during this very strange time.

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