Morris Minor restoration project

1970 Morris Minor Restoration

Read about our full restoration of a 1970 Morris Minor which had been left standing exposed to the elements in a garden for 10 years.

Rescuing a 1970 Morris Minor from a 10 Years Garden Furlough

A few months ago we had a call regarding a Morris Minor that had been standing in a garden in Leicester for the last 10 years. It had been bought by a customer of ours who arranged to have welding done on the car to restore the bodywork. Now they were looking for a cosmetic and mechanical restoration. We were happy to help! We don’t offer paintwork or retouching, but a classic car mechanical rebuild and interior / bodywork refurbishing was right up our street.

First things first, we tried to start the vehicle. After a long period of furlough, this wasn’t a straightforward task. Finally, after fitting new spark plugs, new ignition points and a new battery, we finally got it turning over on the third attempt. It is a Morris Minor after all! They are virtually bomb proof.

We were then able to drive it, very slowly because the brakes needed attention, back the VFR Motors Leicester workshop to have a full spa treatment.

Mechanical Restoration of the 1970 Morris

Morris Minor brake kit

Before even starting on the mechanical restoration, we first removed all the interior elements: carpets, seats, and seatbelts… and also a mouse’s nest which was hiding under the back seat.

After long years of active driving plus 10 years in a garden, everything, except the mouse’s nest, needed to be thoroughly cleaned and restored.

We then got stuck into giving the engine, brakes, electrics and all other moving parts the full VFR Motors service treatment.

First we stripped the brakes down and completely replaced the braking system. This involved new brake pipes, brake, cylinders and brake shoes. We bled the brake system and replaced it with fresh clean brake fluid.

Next we checked the electrics in the vehicle. Amazingly, all the electrics were still fully functional and only required 3 bulbs replaced.

The windscreen wiper mechanism was also working beautifully, although new blades were needed.

We then inspected the engine cylinder bores using our endoscope to look for any erosion or damage. For 1970 Morris Minor we found them to be in excellent condition.

Next we treated the engine to a full service. This included fresh period 20W-50 grade Duckhams engine oil which is made specifically for vehicles with engines of this age.

Finally we greased all the moving suspension parts as part of the full service.

Interior Restoration

Interior restoration of a 1970 Morris

After getting the mechanics up to scratch we started on fully cleaning and restoring the interior elements. We hand-cleaned the carpets and gently scrubbed the seats down to remove historic grease.

Given the age of the vehicle and the length of time it had been exposed to the elements, it bears testament to the quality of the workmanship that the interior fittings were intact and only needed a thorough clean. This ruggedness makes the Morris Minor an ideal starter vehicle for the classic car enthusiast starting out on their collection.

Morris Minor Exterior Body Polish

1970 Morris Minor Restoration

The final touches to the restoration of this Morris Minor was to restore the exterior to its full glory. Again, amazingly, the paintwork was in great condition considering what the car had been through. All it needed was a little cut and polish to bring out the shine.

The paintwork was treated to a full machine polish with T Cut to bring out the shine. It was then fully wax polished to protect the paintwork from the elements.

Morris Minor Restoration Gallery

VFR Motors Classic Car Restoration

Our knowledgeable motor engineers are always happy to get stuck into a classic car restoration. This project has been a lovely follow on from the VW Campervan repairs and the VW Golf Convertible detailing.

Please give us a call on 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911. You can also get in touch via our contact form, or drop in for a chat at our friendly garage at on Shaftsbury Road, Leicester, LE3 0QN.

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