Covid-19 safety procedures in the VFR Motors Leicester garage

Covid-19 Safety Procedures When You Visit Our Leicester Garage

Covid-19 Safety and Sanitising Processes

We’re all understandably concerned about Covid, especially with the prolonged lockdown in our area. So that we can keep you safe, here are the Covid-19 safety procedures in place for when you need to visit our Leicester garage.

Covid-19 safety processes at the VFR Motors Leicester garage

One In, One Out

To respect everyone’s safety we are operating a one in, one out Covid-19 safety policy in our office. If there’s already someone in the shop, please wait outside and allow enough social distancing to keep everyone comfortable and safe.

No Mask, No Entry

Please be aware that the new rules for shops and commercial premises is “no mask, no entry” as of 24 July. Will will be enforcing this a little sooner for everyone’s protection and safety.

Hand Sanitiser

We will of course have hand sanitiser in the shop for the use of our staff and customers. Please help yourself!

Card Transactions

Where a chip and PIN transaction is required, our staff handle the machine using an antibacterial wipe to avoid touching any of the surfaces on the machine. We also make sure to sanitise our card machine between each transaction as part of our Covid-19 safety and hygiene processes.

Car Sanitising Procedure when Dropping Off Your Vehicle

This is the complicated part! Obviously, we will need to handle the keys for your vehicle and drive it into the workshop. We’ve put some thought into how to make this safe for everyone, and these are the steps we will follow:

  1. On entering the office you will be asked to deposit your key in a tub.
  2. We pick up the keys and sanitise them.
  3. Before we drive the vehicle, we will sanitise any surfaces that we may come into contact with.
  4. Our motor engineers will then take your car into the workshop to be fixed or serviced as normal.
  5. When the work is finished, your car will be parked outside the garage.
  6. All internal surfaces that we may have touched in the process of working on the vehicle will be sanitised again.
  7. Your keys will also be sanitised again and placed in the tub ready for you to collect.

We use Clinell anti-bacterial wipes to sanitise the vehicles and any surfaces we may need to touch. These are supplied by our trade partners and are suitable for automotive use.

Make an Appointment

We’ve been fortunate to have a steady amount of work coming through our Leicester garage and workshop. To avoid having too many people in the office at the same time please make an appointment before you visit.

To book a time please get in touch via the contact form or give us a call on either of these numbers: 0116 3190 118 or mobile 07850 881 911.

If you haven’t visited us before, here’s where you’ll find our Leicester garage. We look forward to seeing you!

Second Hand Cars For Sale in our Leicester Garage

As well as car repairs, MOTs, and vehicle servicing, we also have a selection of used cars for sale.

Second hand car sales are still going strong in spite of coronavirus and lockdown. We can keep an eye out at the auctions if you have a particular make or model of car in mind.

Alternatively you can see what we have in our stable right now on our Leicester Used Car Sales page.

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