Spring Car Care - Tips to get your vehicle ready for action

Spring Car Care: 5 Top Tips

Waking Your Car Up After Winter Trials

Spring is finally here and the weather is picking up but your car has probably spent more time on the driveway or taken shorter trips. It’s time for some TLC and spring car care. During the gloomy winter months, we all tend to stay indoors and this has an impact on your car as well as your waistline!

Now the days are getting warmer, we naturally start to take days out in the car and start thinking about holidays and maybe a longer road trip over the Easter break. There are quite a few classic car and motor events over Easter that we will be heading to, that’s for sure.

So, if your vehicle has been sitting around, what essential spring car care do you need to do to get it in tip top shape for longer journeys?

Top 5 Spring Car Care Tips

1. Wash Off The Winter Grime

You can’t count on the spring showers to wash off all the winter grime. Salt spray and mud are kicked off the road and stick to your car. Salt on steel = rust, so it’s time to give the motor a good wash.

It’s great to see a sparkly clean, freshly waxed car with a beautifully valeted interior. They look fantastic.

But don’t just focus on making the visible parts of your car look sparkly. You also need to care for the underneath because cars don’t rust from the top down! As part of your spring car care routine, give your vehicle a good hose spray to the under carriage. This will remove any residual salt and help stop the rust getting hold.

You should also give some attention to your car’s wheel arches. Any build up of mud and debris in the wheel arch will also retain water and moisture which is an invitation to rust.

A really good all over pressure wash on your driveway, or at a car wash, will help prevent the risk of rust after the winter months.

2. Treat Your Car To The Fancy Fuel

It’s also a good idea to cough up for the more expensive fuel options for the first few longer journeys after the winter. Opt for Super Unleaded or Supreme Diesel, depending on your car’s fuel requirements of course!

Why pay more? Good question! These fuels contain cleaning agents which help to clean up the carbon residue which is deposited around the engine when it’s used less frequently, or for shorter journeys. We have found that the “Super” fuels are well worth the extra pennies as they make the engine more efficient and economical. In our experience, they don’t actually end up costing that much more in the long run, simply because you get more out of your engine.

3. Change The Oil

An oil change is particularly important for spring car care. Short journeys where the engine doesn’t reach its most efficient working temperature mean the oil stagnates.

If the oil doesn’t get fully warm, it won’t circulate properly and will start to deposit debris on your oil filter and stops the the oil getting to the parts of the engine that need it. This has a knock on effect on many other parts of your engine which will suffer without proper lubrication.

4. Clean Your Engine

It’s a good idea to treat your car to an injector or carburettor cleaner in your fuel tank from time to time, but especially in the spring.

Spring Car Care - Forte engine treatments to keep your engine in tip top condition

We use Forte Advanced Formula Gas Treatment or Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment here at VFR Motor Services.

This treatment essentially gives your engine a good old internal clean after short winter journeys where a build up of carbon is inevitable due to stagnation. Any build up of carbon in the engine effects your fuel economy and engine performance.

We highly recommend the Forte products. Find out more about their engine treatment products on the Forte website.

Please note: always read the instructions carefully if attempting this treatment yourself. If you’re not familiar with how to clean your engine with one of these treatments… read on!

5. Time For A Spring Service

Spring is a great time to get your car in for a service. A thorough vehicle inspection yourself, or by a professional if you’re not comfortable with motor maintenance, will help avoid any problems and breakdowns. Something you really want to avoid when you start doing those longer journeys and road trips!

If you’re not ready for a full service, we also offer an engine service. The engine service includes:

We also add in a general inspection of your car while we’re about it. Call today on 0116 3190 118 or 07850 881 911 to give your car a spring treat.

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